Reality differs. A lot.

Sitting in a movie theater and watching a romantic movie, i ponder over the fact: Does that even happen in real life?
Though i possess a mind full of rationality and would probably not even agree much with selflessness, loyalty, and made for each other thing but somewhere, even for a minute or a second,i would desperately want to believe in all that.

The generation, no doubt is driven by ego, lust and selfish desires. Plus point people are hardly afraid to admit that. Talking about this human tendency of ours, i must agree that to be open about your desires and not being judgmental about it is absolutely fine.
The problem occurs when people often confuse lust with love here. One must analyse what actually dominates? Does she/he wants it out of lust or is her/his needs to satisfy herself/himself dominates more?
Will everything become mundane after the excitement is over?

Well, how do i sum this up in words? Always as observed, one of the partner in a commitment is not happy with the relationship she/he maintains with the other half. Both being happy, is a very rare stuff my friend. Rare like ruby.

Somewhere, i will have to agree that all of this is justified. Imagine yourself doing all efforts for someone, supporting them in all of their vicissitudes, caring for them as if you want nothing but them in your life but then getting all your hopes and faith crushed and broken by none other than that exact person. How come it never occurred to you people that all of this could completely change their outlook on love, future relationships and peace within themselves?

Feelings and emotions might seem all abstract but if once are tampered might not find any resolution for its betterment. When all the innocence is thrown in that dark room where you are introduced with such demons(reality) you got to live your entire life with, is when the self centeredness enters.
The selfishness here helps you take revenge on the earlier times, you feel better every-time you shatter or break someone from inside.
Lacking consideration for others and concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit is known as being selfish. This could be intentional, by hiding beneath a mask, which is a beauty and perfection it could easily be mistaken as an art.
Being selfish is a human tendency, i agree and i always count myself in. Not that, it had not ever dominated in earlier times the current generation again, is fearless to accept it that it has become so common for people to act selfish in every little thing and be okay with it.

Again, i would like to admit that sometimes, some people fail to act in a selfish way. Happens only when you are truly attached to someone, you are ready to sacrifice anything for them. Such is a case that does not happen very often.
18 years on earth, and my heart desperately desires to experience a commitment that genuinely works not on conditions but on sacrifices, selflessness, attachment so strong it becomes unbreakable.
Well, people ask me why am i into reading novels, fantasy and fiction?
Allow me to break this to you, that even for a minute the made for each other tale seems so satisfying to read, i would spare all my time for it. The main reason people read fiction.
Reality always choose to differ, in ways that will bring you nothing but disappointment.
Fantasy, fiction, drama, fairy tales are to be blamed.
The idea of giving a false hope to people in such a cruel world, does not help.
Just that every heart, for once yearns to be a part of that fictional story.


Between black and white

Both the colors, white and black depicts the ups and downs, the bad and the good side, the hell and the heaven.
The question is, why do we construct such notions about certain colors?
If their exists heaven, what could be the possible reason that people assume it to be completely white?
what if its all vice versa?

Talking about black, i must declare that if there are hundred reasons to accept it as a bad omen, then there are hundred or more reasons to accept it, wear it, or own it.
Black may signify darkness, but my readers if it is appropriate to actually explain how real and rare darkness is, i must.

when i look up in the sky, pure darkness never comes into my sight but only when i close my eyes it does. Darkness is more based on reality, it leaves no expectations which generally leads to disappointment. Enjoy the silence in that darkness and try to see the demons inside your head rather than in the real world.

On the other hand, white color, seen as something very auspicious cannot even handle a single scar, such impatience.
Not that white is something i hate, but the color seems to be alot more constructed by the society to be seen as ‘the good’.

Between black and white you exist, your assumptions, your thinking.
So do make it subject to open interpretation or criticism.


Focus on a beautiful piece of art. What it depicts, makes your imagination an enthusiast.

For art is vintage. It is wiskey in a teacup. Something that catches your attention, always do.

That piece of art consists efforts and creativity beyond the limited sphere of imagination.

So, what makes art so eye catchy?
Uniqueness, imperfections, complexities, absurdity, and forget not the beauty which does not escape our notice.

The central thing, that is to be kept in focus is imperfections. Just like art, people are imperfect too but that makes them unique. Makes them stand out of the crowd so huge people admire them.

Every person’s upbringing is different. Every person leads a different life pattern, has different beliefs; perspectives; perceptions.
Then why is it difficult for the society to accept the fact that everybody is unique in their own sense and has different perceptions.
Why this society wants to shape us in similar beings?

Why society does enforces a proper structure of roles, behaviour, beliefs, and ideas on us to follow?
Are we really independent in such cases?

Variability is a fact of nature and humans are no exception to it.
Then why do we have a single structure to follow and are deemed by the society if part ways towards the road not taken?
One must appreciate everybody’s lifestyle.
For art and people correlate and should not be bounded under the roof of restrictions.
Observe the beauty and absurdity.
Try your best to appreciate it.


The quality of being poisonous, does huge irreparable damage.
Am i to make everyone aware of the things that possess the ability to shorten your life to this small you actually accept the facts on life is too short to do this and that?
To be honest none of us would agree that their exist no such things that can do harm which cannot be corrected through monetary compensation or conditions cannot be put back the way they were.

Lets talk about people who smoke…
It has for now become important to bring one of the biggest issue in limelight.
What makes them opt for such a lifestyle that favors such toxic habits?

Most people start smoking when they are in their teens and are addicted by the time they reach adulthood. Some have tried to quit but have returned to cigarettes because smoking is such a strong addiction. It is a habit that is very difficult to break. There are many different reasons why people smoke.
Such toxicity in life leads people to a very dark place, a place where they can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.
They cannot see through the opaque matter they smoke.
It blinds and binds them to escape.
They are suffocated by those fumes but chose to stay.

Take a break. Assume life as an adventure.

To do something different, out of the box.
Make a list of those things you are afraid to do, then try to overcome them by experiencing them.
Fall for your own life, and those small things that matter.

Experience the excitement of unknown.
After, that’s all what matters in the end.

In the last chapter of your life, work, routinely things or not monotony will be remembered but the things you did that you never imagined you would be able to do.

Living life according to your own terms doesn’t means that you are selfish.
It means you value your life, is thankful and assuming it as a gift of god, makes the best use of it.

Never, in life one should be debarred under the room of boundations.
Fly, swim, travel, read, write, explore, do whatever makes your life a better place for you to live.

Record everything and become an inspiration for others.
An inspiration for those who do not have a reason to live today, thereby giving them a reason.

Surround yourself with as much positivism as much possible.

Past – through the lens of an artist, an artwork of chaos.

To look back at you, and smile is all i can do.
To be honest, dear artwork, their is not even a single part of me yearning to live you once again!

Life seems to me as a canvas and we are the ones who paint, according to our own will.
In the end everyone’s canvas is different, but a piece of fine artwork.
Which can be extensively studied, understood according to one’s own perceptions.

This canvas can be a painting of 2 people drawn in such a way that they look like 2 pieces of a puzzle, thereby completing each other.

Or a face which looks cracked, like a glass sheet, contemplating the scars which the society gave and the struggles the face went through.

Or an all black canvas, making a single figure visible through white paint, depicting that in the end its just your own self is what matters.

About past life, things were never in our favor.
Certainly, it turns out to be things that pinches us.

But if you actually see through the lens of an artist, it is more likely a work of art, chaotic but art, thereby is a mixture of beauty, scars, reality, efforts, struggles.

Paint your canvas in such a way that in the end it turns out to be a masterpiece, people take inspiration from.

What’s with the confusion?

Charisma is compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others. Attractiveness is the quality of being pleasing or appealing to the senses.

If it is appropriate to say, i must say, charisma, attractiveness, and alluring features are not something that pleases my mind aesthetically.

Also, pardon me gentlemen but i choose to differ in every sense.

You, a chivalrous, courteous, and such a honourable man failed to understand my notions of life.

The story of many lives as sometimes doing nothing is the most hardest thing to do.
The very fact of life is that charisma, attractiveness will work for a shorter span of time.

Their are more important things such as care, which sh should be seen not heard off. After all actions speaks louder than words.
Or friendship that doesn’t fade away even after you get into the relationship.

The problem with this generation is that people are confused like hell.
There are more sad eyes than happy faces.
Everybody needs help to sort out their love lives.

Do not rush, be worthy to be found.
Never stop the search.
The search for that one forever.

A song of ice and fire.

Allow me to declare how mysteriously alluring and fascinating the story is. Certainly, there i’m compelled to assume, are 2 kinds of people who exist.
– People who watch Game of thrones
– people who don’t.

It isn’t what we hear or generalization that should aid our belief, but what we see and experience.

A song of ice and fire is not a very beaming, joyous, or gleeful kind of a story.
It thrashes upon the fact that every story is not about a protagonist,
Where everything revolves around her/him and then finishes with a happy ending.

‘Survival of the fittest’,is what you’ll get to see here.
Which relishes the very fact about the world we live in.

The story is mostly epic based you’ll see dragons flying, black magic, the dead people killing the living.

But mostly it conveys that reality is not heroic and not every time when people relies with a single person, will be successful.

Things work in your favor for a very shorter span of time and when it stops you are half dead.

Even the most powerful people weep, when their time comes.
Even the most powerful people loose, when things stop working in their favor.

It throws light upon the certainty that one should not jump to a solution and implement, one must plan and then implement.
It will anyway fail, because success is rare and a one time thing.

Most importantly it shows how politics work.
The society is doomed due the fact that power is in the hands of the cruel and minority which rules and ill-fate the common people.

Knowledge is not considered power here.
People are blinded by power and would raise a war anytime anywhere for that.
They would be happy to kill their people, their family and the least, themselves in the name of war.

What they actually miss while fighting amongst themselves is the real war which is not between humans but between the dead and the living.

overall, the entire series justifies the title everytime.
It genuinely is a song of ice and fire.

Add it your *must watch list*.

Their is no true happiness now, but pretensions.

An open letter to this beautiful lady i call my best friend,
Allow me to declare our 3 whole years of friendship.

People may make your day, this beautiful woman made my years, 3 whole years.
What i realized from this would be the fact that i and you especially is capable of maintaining it for lifelong.

I just came in college and today i might have a 50 and above friends in college but i swear their’s no one like you.

As i said their is no true happiness now, but pretensions.
Yes, uncovering the truth lately, i now know that the fact that things were easier back then with you and my other friends was solely because you all chose to stay, my idiots.

Meanwhile, in college people just pretend to be there for you.
Pretentious game is where you progress actually, in college.
To understand this game one must really be vigilant.

Everyone does make memories in college but mostly under the pretentious game because it never really gets over. Very few people are actually trustworthy.

‘Be a bitch’ is how you actually tackle out your issues.

I will always miss you all because i’m running out of reasons why i shouldn’t.

Keeping my cribbing apart, exposure makes you more experienced and with a great experience comes awareness and opportunities for betterment and more.

So, that i’ll keep as a positive point.

It came to my knowledge so far that i am actually a different person kinda half way through both the dimensions of introversion and extroversion.

Well, quite new to the pretentious game but not naive.
I know how to crack this.

A very happy friendship day,i will miss our school days.

Pity the dead? or the living?


Autumn got that right.
For existential crisis is a question mark? or an exclamation mark! stays unknown to us.

Nobody can predict what happens to us when we are dead.
Theories been invented since the beginning of time, still fails to assure themselves as justified and proven.

It is understood that humans made it up all.
Then why do we believe in everything written by the same humans or said so?

Their is no hell or heaven we will head to after the death.
Hell and heaven is on earth it depends on the people how they perceive it.

A theory says that we cannot escape the cycle of birth and rebirth ever and that you spend your entire life carrying a rock to the top of the mountain and when you reach your destination the rock falls back to the same place you bought it from and then again you have to go through the same.

The pity is for the living.
They are surviving somehow, adapting everything that comes into its way and accepting everything for betterment and more.

A person spends her/is entire life working for betterment.
she/he accepts whatever life has to offer and then in the end bids goodbye forever.

Considering everything should we pity the dead? or the living?

Love Bound

Give it a read, written impeccably.🔥❤
Keep up the good work.
Happy blogging✍👥😇

A Cuppa Know-How!

On a sweet twinkling night,
I went to meet my knight.

His armour shone highly in light,
Under the shadow of the moon bright,

When I slide myself nearer to him,
I stepped upon the stone in light dim.

My love, he said and held me in a tighter grip,
And soon I began to fall deeper into the love dip.

His eyes were filled with endless charm,
I could see that I was safe from harm.

When he saw me straight in the eyes,
I could see the love that was devoid of all lies.

Seeing the truth so close,
My heartbeat unstoppably rose.

The beats of my heart, he listened then,
And asked me to sit on an empty den.

I sat on the stone which was glowing,
Far far away I saw a boatman rowing.

We sat together hand in hand,
And the night became dark and…

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The past is a hauntingly satisfying place. It never really fades away even if we try to erase it.

They say whatever happens, life goes on but the truth is even if you try to let go of things they tend to haunt us.
Keeping everything apart, with time we become used to everything like the heartbreaks, disappointments, sadness.
The more i try to solve inner conflicts, the more i fall for complexities.
The problem with complexities is that not everybody understands art. Not everybody tries to find meaning out of life. Not everybody faces existential crisis. After all that’s a good thing in my opinion because it keeps a person at peace while i am here always at war in my mind trying to find out purpose out of my own tragedies.

People come and go that’s the rule of life and nobody can change it.
while i was always aware of this fact, it still breaks me but that’s okay.
Change as i said is inevitable, but accepting it takes time.