“Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.” Yes, of course we all crave for this thing called ‘peace’ because life is no fun, infact nothing is. Every other person needs peace but the manner in which we perceive it is all different. “None but a lonely man can find solace in his mind.” Yes, the concept of staying alone in order to get solace is a good idea but empty mind brings the evilest thoughts. What if we add books and coffee to it? Well, 😀 this is exactly what i do in order to achieve peace. It feels like i m living 2 lives, one which i m living and the other which the author wrote. Just a book, some coffee and rain(which is a rare case) makes the perfect peace time. So perfect that i feel like i m lost in the book. And i forget all my miseries. No stress. No problems. Just Coffee.Rain.Books.


24 thoughts on “Coffee.Rain.Books

  1. I love this, I just read this in my office, and it instantly brought me to a calm place, sitting next to a rain-soaked window, cuddled in a soft blanket, and reading a juicy mystery novel 🙂

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  2. Well if you’ve been to my blog, you will know Peace for me comes through Chirst. But I must admit there is something endearing about the simplicity of your outlook on ‘books’. Pleasant reading! Have a nice rainy day 😊

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    1. First of all i must say, the paintings ❤ ❤ and yes i agree with you.. 🙂 because "let the peace of Christ rule in our hearts." And i am so much into books because they are intriguing, they never judge, they have bought so many things to my knowledge, because they are just books ❤ 😀 . Btw, thank you for my blog.


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