So true.. my strength and weakness – books ❤ !
Specially when its raining, i can read for hours and hours without any interruption. Though people gets suspicious of me when i say that i never get bored. It is because i have a huge collection of books which i have to complete and am still adding books to it 😀 . On our last exam day, everyone is happy. Because now we would all get leisure time. For them leisure time means parties, night outs, and other stuff. For me leisure time means reading..reading..reading 😀 .


❤ 😀


19 thoughts on “*.*.*.*

    1. Yes 😀 one should be. Because knowledge is one weapon.
      I read
      19th century Victorian literature.
      Mysterious/ paranormal.
      Science fiction.
      That’s it i think ❤


        1. Haha ya.. actually earlier i used to read romantic novels but then i read pride and prejudice and was introduced to this serious knowledgeable world. 😀 ❤ after reading Austen's work i realised there is much to be explored 😀


  1. You are utterly charming…and, I’m with you and Oprah…books are the best! 🙂 After I saw that you’d “followed” me, I “followed” you, read a post, and left a comment. Then, I was notified that you (and another) had clicked “like” on so many of my posts….I can’t tell you what an awesome surprise that was….to say I am flattered is an understatement! Anyway, I just wanted you to know that my plan had been to continue to work on my current post, and then “visit” you and read several more of your posts…I find you delightful…I just wanted you to know that I would have read what you share, regardless of whether you would have read mine or not–because I really enjoy what I’ve read so far….your sparkling personality comes across in your writing…I look forward to more sunshine 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much ❤ i am proud to have a reader like you 😀 and i must say that most of your posts were appreciable and flawless, i read many of them 😀 and like was obviously something it deserved. For the fact that you enjoy reading my blogs, it is because i try to be completely genuine and write something that i personally feel that's all 😀 i will continue to write such blog and you will never be disappointed from any one of them because ill be writing the best content. Real. 😀 thank you so much ❤
      P.s your comment made my day 🙂 😉

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      1. Thank you for your kind words and complements…I really appreciate the support and encouragement (your comments made my day, too)…and, you are right–I won’t be disappointed in your posts because you are so genuine and you have a wonderful heart that you are not afraid to share…that is very appealing…you are just wonderful 🙂

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