Why i be so self centered these days?


Being selfish is like being exclusively concerned with oneself. And i personally think that being selfish would help you achieve your goals. By becoming altruistic towards people will only increase your expectations. That obviously ‘if we help them now, they will prove to be useful to us in future.’ But wait, aren’t we selfish in that case too? Having no motive to expect something in return and helping someone is not everyone’s cup of tea. That happens only when we are bounded to the person with feeling of love, sacrifice, responsibility which happens Basically in our families. But for society one should remain self – centered because when your life is going through sudden vicissitudes and the society does not show altruism towards you then why should you?
I am not talking about being completely narcissist because at that state the person becomes hopeless and finds his/her motive in every other task that he/she does. That is wrong. But without being selfish in the present day world and helping selflessly won’t work out.
Here are five things that happens when you are selfish and everyone has seen this attribute of yours. -_-
1. People start saying such things.
       *sighs* * ignores them*


2. This is something you can put forward in order to shut them. -_-


3. One of the drawbacks.. 😦 * criticism..criticism..criticism* πŸ˜₯ it never ends. 😦


4. Yes. :/ they are not. 😦


5. Everytime you hear such criticism. You feel like * selfish game on*


B) B)


14 thoughts on “Why i be so self centered these days?

  1. Just because someone pays more attention to themselves doesn’t mean they are selfish. How do I put it? It’s like having last few sips in your bottle and you and your friend both are thirsty when she asks for the bottle and you tell her, let me have a sip too… ain’t selfish, just looking out for oneself.

    Buddha did say, having compassion for yourself is as important as having compassion for your fellow humans.


  2. I believe, help them who can’t help you back.. .. You just don’t need a reason to help someone.. Perhaps that’s what you wanted to express!! πŸ™‚

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    1. Well, the thing is they ‘can’ help me back. But they choose not to. Because society itself is a self- centered thing. When they need help ” moral ethics” comes in between whereas when we need help they become selfish. So why would one become foolish enough to help someone who will choose not to help you when you are in need of it. πŸ™‚ ❀

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      1. True, but trust me, broader picture is , no one has lost anything by giving…
        It’s a human tendency to feel bad.. But it certainly helps us to understand people and let them go, time & gravity are great teachers !!

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        1. Well said ❀ first of all i must appreciate your thoughts. But the fact is sometimes it becomes frustrating that why everytime i am the first person to help them and they the last. But definitely your opinion is appreciable and you are a generous person in that case πŸ™‚

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