Black is her favourite colour. Pink or black?


Why pink is such a girlish colour?
Why can’t boys play with dolls?
Why can’t girls play with cars instead of dolls?
“Because a boy playing with a doll is so feminine.”,they say
But the fact is since centuries things, roles, colours have been prescribed to genders. Because dolls are sensitive and girls have always been seen as sensitive, who needs to be protected, needs care whereas boys are seen as rough and tough, infact they have been bought up by their families in such a way that many of them develop the same mentalities for the up bringing of their child as well.
Black is her favourite colour but she has to make a choice between pink and black. Because the societal norms does not qualify black color for girls. Only bright, sensitive, cute type of colors are qualified for her. Especially pink, red, magenta, orange. Why color stereotyping society? Why role stereotyping? Why so many stereotypical notions?
‘Black’ was her favorite color. But society made her choose between pink and black. 😦 😦  why do you do this society? Why choosing black defines her character? Will she lose her feminine traits after that?


40 thoughts on “Black is her favourite colour. Pink or black?

  1. There isn’t any even or any odd, but we humans have a knack of finding patterns in everything or else creating one….sometimes for good, other times not so good…perhaps this the reason why we created societies and then hoax that every one should fit in……thankfully a few have minds to rebuke it….and u just did Ritika….I admire ur though process and unsatisfied soul ………..take care 🙂


    1. Yes exactly my point.. this is a human tendency and obviously evolved into a proper societal convention.. to break any of such, one should be strong enough to deal with the criticism.. we can’t just air any of our views against these conventions because your very own people starts considering you less on mannerism factor and blah blah.. and obviously after all this how can one be satisfied? Haha.. 😀

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  2. I’m a sucker for any posts about gender roles and gender stereotyping. It’s still such a controversial topic in society and it really shouldn’t be. I can’t wait to see how it the attitude towards the topic evolves over the next 10/20 years

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    1. Well, in that case i have never been invited to one 😛 . But generally people consider black as a bad omen and that black brings darkness and other stereotypes that’s what i was talking about. I have been through this many a times. People considering my favourite color as a bad omen, will definitely criticise them. Btw thanks for stopping by 🙂

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  3. isn’t it incredible this gender construct? no wonder people are experiencing inner conflict, and not least that this construct extends to other areas of society and humans:- cultural, traditional, moral etc. It really poses a question for human autonomy.

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    1. Yes you are absolutely correct. But this could be improved as in ‘we’ can definitely bring change in the societal norms and stereotypical ideologies. Though it might change gradually but it will serve its purpose eventually at some point of time. 🙂 thanks for stopping by.. 🙂


      1. And colors have no gender, thankfully… Humans are a kind of species who are always in search of some reason and differences which often is not required..

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