Life is too short to cry over past life instances


When it comes to past life we all become melancholic 😦 because the fact is that nobody’s past life had been gleeful. For people are grief- stricken 😥 because they didn’t had enough opportunities to prove themselves to their competitors or maybe they lost many opportunities which would have made them successful by now. They think that maybe the ‘luck’ was not in their favour. But let me tell you my friend every time you aim for a goal 90% is your hard work and the rest 10% might involve luck. 🙂
Infact earlier even i used to get effected by my past life. I was a person having anxiety issues, stage fear and was a complete antisocial person. I was never a person who could revert back a sarcastic comment, actually. -_-
Infact i would never stand up for myself if it would have been required. Your past does not determine who you are infact your past prepares you for who you are to become. 🙂
But with time everything changed. When eventually ‘sharing my opinion’ became important for me,
Self confidence was the best thing i owned then 😀 . Also the thing that i stopped caring too much for things and expecting too much from people helped. Alot.
Even relationships taught me alot of things. Like it is a wastage of time ._. We gain nothing -_- . Not even a single thing ._.
So, basically one thing should be understood that your past life defines nothing of you! But your present will. 😀  All these people depressed due to their past life experiences should pay heed to this fact that life is too short to cry over past life experiences..there is so much to be explored. ❤  ❤



46 thoughts on “Life is too short to cry over past life instances

  1. That’s so true the past doesn’t dictate your future. There’s no time to focus on what you can’t change. Just prepare yourself to receive nothing but greatness to come your way .

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  2. Cudn’t agree more …..this somewhat reflected what I had gone too…cud relate to u.
    Loved the zeal u brought with inspiration …there is nothing to hang with our past , we shud use it in our future …perfect 🙂


    1. Thankyou.. and yes past has nothing to do with your present life. It’s all in the mind now, memories.. there is nothing you can make of it. But yes you make your present and that effort will reflect in your future.. 🙂

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  3. Nice post. Thank you for following. I really enjoyed this sincere piece. The past is to be learnt from, the present is to live and set the future. To learn, to let go, to move on and enjoy today, and make the most of today then tomorrow takes care of itself. Nice post

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