“To be a social butterfly everybody admires” – its a trap


Most of us in colleges, schools or even generally are jealous of those people who becomes a hot topic in every discussion. Yes, i’m talking about all those social butterflies we admire or are sometimes jealous of. -_-
Because it feels amazing to get attention and somewhere we cannot deny this fact. But some people in actual terms do not like seeking any kind of attention towards them.
Because they love the way they are living their life which is less challengingβ€š less stressful than those of social butterflies. πŸ™‚


With so much of social activeness comes a lot of popularity and with so much of popularity comes alot of interference. Well, interference is irritating i must say and is not at all welcomed by an antisocial person.
So life of a social butterfly is not so beautiful as it seems to be. The list of priorities becomes so long that they end up giving less priority to the actual things that they should be concerned with. Time is something that they always lack. Fake rumors about them are something that they are used to now.
It’s not that being a socially active person will bring you no benefit at all. In fact you get to grab a lot of opportunities. But if you are an introvert or an antisocial person there is no need to feel depressed about it πŸ™‚ . Everybody is special in her/his ways. There is absolutely no need to change because to be a social butterfly that everybody admires of – it’s a trap.. πŸ˜€ and because you are special in your own way… ❀


38 thoughts on ““To be a social butterfly everybody admires” – its a trap

  1. Applause Ritika, this is so damn perfect

    I am really glad u actually wrote on this topic…..precisely may be this happens because we usually encounter people who r less observant than the liking.

    On the lighter note; People who sits back home every night are quite Genius πŸ˜›


  2. My dear little guy!!if u donn’t want to bore ,plz make youselves as social butterfly in positive way i.e.writing d poems,drawing,write on current topics,participating in college functions etc.plz .donn’t be depress.

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  3. Yes true .. I love to be more like doing things myself .. as I hate to live with a group’s decision..But I too tried to be a social butterfly but it felt like a stressful position to be in.. So I just quit trying to be it

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    1. Yes living with a group decision can be irritating and there is just no need to be a social butterfly because if that’s something you call a stressful position my dear friend, quitting it was the best thing you did ❀ πŸ˜€ stay happy

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      1. I agree that being a social butterfly and a social media butterfly and constantly seeking followers likes etc can be shallow and unrewarding. I think the important thing is to make a difference in this world which some celebrities and social butterflies do by raising and de-stigmatising important issues like addiction and mental health. But it is mainly the ordinary people doing work on the ground that push forward these changes in perception by the public, the celebrities come on board later.

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        1. Absolutely true.. πŸ™‚ and yes celebrities and some social butterflies definitely make a difference. We can admire them for the change that they bring. But it is equally important to understand’ that to reach that level one had to go through all those vicissitudes that they faced during their struggle period. So, basically one should not become a social butterfly if she/he is not comfortable in that zone .. rest i do agree with you.. thank you for sharing your opinion caroline πŸ˜€ ❀


              1. Great!! Though I don’t like being on social network sites I like WordPress. This is an entirely different world where people share their thoughts so freely and u get to read hell lot of great stuffs over here..

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