Perfect much?


Just when i though that perfection does not exist, i saw the perfect you.
yes, you made me go spellbound.
i was speechless by your actions.
like you were the most flawless thing i ever saw.. and then i realised that up till now i haven’t been with a person having such a pure soul..
mornings, afternoons, evenings, midnights everytime i am dreaming of you. oh yes, i am obsessed with you or everything related to you.


what have you done to me?
why have you done this to me?
oh.. now i know ‘you have bewitched me, body, mind, and soul.’ I am so much intrigued by you. why have you been such a gentlemen to me? i have been thinking this for endless hours..

But am i the only flower in your garden or is it like other flowers aren’t shining in your garden for a ‘period of time’ and when they will you might pluck me and throw me out from the very place where ‘once’ i used to shine beautifully.

what kind of situation am i dealing with? giving contradictory statements all over and not giving a single chance to my so called logical thinking?..
well, i think it’s time to stay away from you. You have been a great distraction for me! i am unable to focus on my goals.. well, somewhere even you became one of my goal 😀 ❤ ❤
p.s: i wrote this when i was in 9th standard.


35 thoughts on “Perfect much?

  1. 9th grade and such feelings, was tough to weigh whats better and whats not, you were still better at it. Hopefully they will cross you again and you will take them this time. Hope they make you a better person and boost you up.
    Happiness ahead!!


    1. haha ya actually.. infatuation can happen anytime anywhere this is was the least i could pen down.. in order express what i felt.. ya let’s just hope they cross me again because these feelings, i felt for a gentleman.. but these days they are just like a needle in the mess.. no where to be seen.

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