Friends with benefits?

Everybody wants to be free of the boundaries that a relationship restricts us to and this is the sole reason many people end up in this ‘friends with benefits’ thing these days.It is beneficial as in you are getting what you want and there will be no responsibility, sacrifice or loyalty from your side. 
But why friends with benefits thing can ruin your entire life? the fact is when you fall in this trap there is no escape. For you feel that your life has become perfect instantly. You get used to it so much that you start spoiling yourself. Where reputation is something very important these days and it takes years to maintain a good one, you end up spoiling it instead. Only if you think that this ‘fwb’thing makes you sound cool, intriguing, unorthodox then sorry mate the tag of ‘fwb’ will not help. 
so basically you are a ‘casual relationship person’ but after a long time doing this ‘fwb’ stuff suddenly you get tired of it. *sigh* 😥 this seems so fake.. well now you want a serious relationship. Where you want a decent person now. But wait? aren’t you that ‘fwb’ person ? 😮 sorry mate but the tag will never leave you. 

Infact sometimes or in some cases such people are good but in order to become cool or stud infront those friends (who won’t even help you when you need them) they get this tag and ruin their reputation.

Not every girl is impressed by this ‘cool’ thing of yours. Infact it seems ridiculous that you are not capable of maintaining a good or healthy relationship with 1 girl. To whom you would be loyal to or compatible with? it doesn’t matter because things are never perfect.. and imperfection is beaute.. ❤


43 thoughts on “Friends with benefits?

  1. Hey! Hope you’re doing well. I’d like to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the 3-Day quote challenge. Please check it out, if you want to do it! Thank you. 🙂


  2. Ritika, Great post. FWB – well if one suspect someone is using them, then sorry – I will say good bye. Absolutely, no way should one tolerate being used – in whatever shape or form. We have more strength then we realise and we should not stand for users. Great post.

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  3. Such a thoughtful and considered post…just wonderful….sensitive and intelligent…and, I really appreciate how you spoke to the bigger picture…those moments beyond instant gratification….and, the quote you posted at the end is marvellous and inspiring….a great reminder for anyone, in any situation, at any time….thanks for sharing 🙂

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    1. My relationship starts like friends with benefits for almost 4 years ago. I had been hurt so many time that I could not believe in love anymore. My boyfriend his parent was getting divorce when we first met, so we bought had a lot things to do not believe in love at this time. I told him that i didn’t want a relationship and him agreed with that, but after few months was deeply in love with him and him with me. I think everyone have deferents background. Sometimes we need take chances…

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      1. i do agree with you.. but there are very few cases in which both the people end up falling for each other.. but going friends with benefits with a person who had a lot of experience won’t take you any where. it’s obvious that one day he’ll get a better person and he has to give no explanation about leaving you because it was clearly ‘fwb’ and can’t object.. 🙂 rest i do agree and you are absolutely correct 😀

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