Knight in a shining armour…

The definition of love is so contradictory these days. When i was 13 i still used to believe in fairytales but now after all this time the harsh reality was disclosed to me that there is no prince charming. Infact all the charming people are fake.. they wear a mask..  which is very beautiful. To be honest you cannot see their real face. They can spoil you to that extent where even you would choose to live their life. It scares me.. how evil people are becoming these days. They are self centered but the fact that scares me more is that they will never reveal such traits to you. After experiencing such people, your faith in relationships, love, friendship will vanish like a lump of sugar in a child’s mouth.. 

Either you will choose to become like them or you would curse yourself for trusting them. You suffer.. and you wish to be free of this suffering.. because this suffering is rusting you slowly.. slowly.. and you feel alot of emptiness. 

To the 13 year old girl who used to believe in fairytales, prince charming, happy endings… you should believe in yourself. It is you who is responsible for your happiness as well as sadness.. ❤

Damsel in distress…. stays grief striken ever after.. because the knight in the shining armour never actually came. </3 </3


53 thoughts on “Knight in a shining armour…

  1. I still nurse a few sentiments for fairy tales and sort of believe that happily ever afters could exist. Though I am not naive enough to expect it to happen most of the time. Isn’t that why beauty is so beautiful? Because its so rare?
    *still in the ever ever land*
    PS: Nice write up and I enjoyed it though.

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    1. when you see the evil side of everything then the trust and the harmony your mind maintains, fades we end up having no expectations at all because expecting out of people brings us a lot of disappointment.. well i agree with your perception and appreciate it. Thankyou very much 😀

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  2. Why do u do this?….why do u punch me in the face n bring me to senses ….why do u confirm that ‘Good happens to good and bad to bad in the end, is merely a fiction’

    Applause Ritika…. for being a forceful and real writer….Stay blessed 😀

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  3. Looking for perfection within peo ple is a journey of folly for we are all flawed. However men like being players because it bigs up their ego. Ignorance, arrogance, and vanity is a great flaw in young men today. They have lost the true meaning of love from both the soul and the heart and the ability to be honourable and caring. On those who live and love from the heart are genuine and authentic.

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  4. The trick of growing up is learning how to leave behind the magical thinking that children use to protect themselves from a confusing world where everyone is bigger than they, and navigate to adulthood a little sadder, maybe, but wiser, too. The hardest thing is to see the world as it is, but to not lose compassion for yourself, and for all those wounded and damaged souls around you. Don’t give up. 🙂

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    1. This comment ❤ really is a motivation for me.. thank you very much is all i can say.. the fact is when you grow up.. or even the rest of your life.. there are so many surprises. As i am now experiencing it, they are less of surprises and more of shocks. But sometimes you are tired. You really wish for better days but it becomes worse.. so i guess i got carried away.. my point is.. this life is still precious.. and i still aim to be substantial.. i would never give up.. ❤ 🙂 i will wait endlessly.. for a miracle to happen.. 😉

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      1. There are many helpful guides. Just read widely, and long. One I enjoy is Marcus Aurelius, a Roman Emperor but also a philosopher in the Stoic tradition. His book, “Meditations” is nice to have. From that:

        “Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with whom fate brings you together, but do so with all your heart.”
        – Marcus Aurelius

        “Adapt yourself to the things among which your lot has been cast and love sincerely the fellow creatures with whom destiny has ordained that you shall live.”
        – Marcus Aurelius

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            1. Atleast Bloggers are able to express their pain.. there are actually uncountable hurt souls who are unable to express themselves.. because pain made them inexpressible to which we call as depression.. 🙂 i know it is sometimes over exaggerated by the person.. but at the end it is that person who suffered.. There is no unit of measurement for pain.. :’)


              1. Hmm poetry is the meaurement and solution of pain…
                हम ने कितना दुःख देखा तब जाकर दो चार लिखे
                उस पर क्या गुजरी होगी जिसने गीत हज़ार लिखे

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