Fear of trusting someone: pistanthrophobia is common amongst many of us and it hardly surprises me because yes people are turning evil and harsh towards the ones who cares.

To be honest, you should count yourself in those lucky ones if there are people who genuinely care for you. I do, but still because of the fear of getting betrayed, i hardly believe people when they say,β€˜they care’.

I mean the efforts should be noticeable enough and should be confirming to what you are assuring.

Honestly, to be loyal is another thing which people lack these days. I can understand their might be their own reasons for not being loyal and so on but on a serious note if you call someone your friend and assures him/her that you actually care about them , then taking a stand for them at their back is not a big deal. Infact, that is something which confirms to the assurity you give to them about your friendship and more.

Hardly there are people interested in keeping long term friendships, either they end up betraying them or they entre the circle of self centeredness.

This harsh reality restricts the person to trust people easily and that is very much apt! 

Talking about getting committed in relationship with someone, pistanthrophobia is justified. A proper committed relationship is where 2 people share a bond of love, joy, sacrifice, responsibility and compatibility. Here, the fear of getting betrayed is very much justified because firstly you don’t expect it. Secondly, you would regret your decision so bad afterwards.

To be loyal is a huge sacrifice and to accept betrayal is like accepting a permanent scar on your soul. 


54 thoughts on “Pistanthrophobia

  1. Maybe people don’t deserve to be trusted. In today’s world it’s all about convenience, if it is convenient to trust, to befriend someone they will. If it is not than people will not shy away to stab you. It is the choice of people you make, the one you choose to be around. Remember, sooner or later, everyone will leave, that’s how nature works. And you need not be sad about that Coz the things you once thought were good, are being replaced by the better ones.

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    1. What an opinion my friend. I must say you quite justified things here. Good to hear from you. Well, yes people genuinely doesn’t deserve to be trusted and they do back-stab you. You did got the fact right that people work together when it suits them, they are loyal when it suits them but they would betray you when it won’t suit them.

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  2. ‘To be loyal is a huge sacrifice and to accept betrayal is like accepting a permanent scar on your soul.’
    This is so true and powerful….
    I have always admired the fact of fusibility and ur unalloyed way of writing….that’s ur strength. There is a sense of courage when U pick a point …. and that courage possibly keeps u going … and it leaves me to believe that u r not on the negative thought process, but quite cautious to b overly positive.
    Keep going strong….Keep writing Ritika πŸ™‚

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  3. Well written ritika dearπŸ‘Œ
    But i think u r in a big pain..u really scared about trusting people..πŸ€”
    Only trust on God & parents & ur close frnds..love them…share the love its a greatest gift..
    God bless U dear😘

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  4. everything u wrote is justified. is there pain inside you looking for an outlet is what i felt while reading this .
    but then yes , people are scared about trust factor because of many such reason u gave like having a bad experience in the past like betrayal . but life has to move on and have to see the new beginning, the brighter side . people will meet new people and eventually try to understand more.

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          1. It is hard .. But then u wil have to be a little more patient and don’t subject urself to darkness further more. Life for me always has been a roller coaster ride and I can understand how hard it must have been for u..

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