The dark hues

love for darkness or night, where i find confort and relaxation. earlier i used to be afraid of the dark. infact, when i was 11, i was afraid to sleep in a room full of darkness. I purposefully insisted my parents to install a lamp or a dim light. i feared any abnormal/bizaree situation which might occur twilight. Presence of any such energy which might be hard to contemplate. i had a constant fear of any such bizaree thing , of which i was sure could be exprienced under dark circumstances. This year taught me how to stay under those dark circumstances and enjoy it. Right from the beginning of this year i have been taught so many things that such psychological conflicts aren’t even considered important now. 

i used to fear a monster but then i realised that it is within us and only i am responsible for the situation i am in. yes, i love darkness.. no, i am not afraid of the dark. i am afraid of the darkness that overpowers my life and mind everyday. i am afraid of my unconscious. i deliberately do not want get aware of the those deep thought, ideas, desires embedded in my unconscious. 

2016 had been a wonderful year.. i must say.. some people are like blessings and others are like lessons. It made me a better person than last year. Confident, self aware, satisfied me in a lot of ways, removed many masked faces. Made me love darkness in such a way that the best part about everyday of 2016 was the dark hues i enjoyed every night. i love them.. it depicts my life in numerous ways. sometimes i feel exactly like the way darkness seems to be.. calm, uncertain, scary but beautiful. 


13 thoughts on “The dark hues

  1. Ya Ritika… U always ring some bells …m so much with u on ‘Nyctophilia’, U know it though πŸ˜€
    Its true the calm and soothing affect of darkness is not very evident to ‘normal’ people.

    Its good 2016 became better…and so will the years to follow…keep writing…Stay blessed πŸ˜€

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  2. First off, I’m glad to hear that 2016 was a great year for you. I hope 2017 will be as well!

    And yes, there’s something relaxing about the dark (depending on one’s situation). It’s quite wonderful to be able to step outside at night and see the star-drenched sky.

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