Pity the dead? or the living?


Autumn got that right.
For existential crisis is a question mark? or an exclamation mark! stays unknown to us.

Nobody can predict what happens to us when we are dead.
Theories been invented since the beginning of time, still fails to assure themselves as justified and proven.

It is understood that humans made it up all.
Then why do we believe in everything written by the same humans or said so?

Their is no hell or heaven we will head to after the death.
Hell and heaven is on earth it depends on the people how they perceive it.

A theory says that we cannot escape the cycle of birth and rebirth ever and that you spend your entire life carrying a rock to the top of the mountain and when you reach your destination the rock falls back to the same place you bought it from and then again you have to go through the same.

The pity is for the living.
They are surviving somehow, adapting everything that comes into its way and accepting everything for betterment and more.

A person spends her/is entire life working for betterment.
she/he accepts whatever life has to offer and then in the end bids goodbye forever.

Considering everything should we pity the dead? or the living?


26 thoughts on “Pity the dead? or the living?

  1. Interesting question. I don’t know what comes next or if anything at all follows this life. That’s what makes death such a source of wonder and speculation. It also means that we may only have this one life and the fact that we are here and conscious is a true miracle. We each had a one in an infinite chance of awakening in this world and we did. There seems no point in pitying the dead since it’s a bit silly to waste a lot of energy on something we can’t know. And I don’t pity the living – they are the recipients of a miraculous gift that they should use well. 🙂

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  2. Well, I pity those who have died without hope. I pity those who live in pain. I don’t believe in a hell where God tortures people. Hell means “the grave”. The wicked will be punished, but not forever. The dead who are God’s have a lot to look forward to. I look forward to being with God. If I didn’t, I would really have nothing and life would be meaningless.

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  3. Feel sorry for the dead as they can change nothing now; compassion with the living.
    After death, there will be God’s fair judgment for what we did on this planet. Hope for God’s mercy on all mankind.

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