Feminism – About the gentlewoman

The advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of equality.

To seek for equality, amongst all gender turned out to be more of a challenge
With all the movements,debates,media buzz that shared a common goal
i.e to achieve social, economic, political rights for women.

Well one thing is well understood about this gentlewoman that she is courageous, and well aimed.

Inspite of existing in a male dominating society, it is not afraid of the criticism.
Instead it gives a chance to everyone to voice their opinion or criticize to shun them back in return or revert appropriately.

Few things which are misunderstood about this gentlewoman are
#She wants to take over the position of men
#She wants women to rule the world
#she wants men to be treated less than women

Misunderstanding No.1
Yes she wants to reach where men have been already because she can but by making everyone aware that assigning of gender roles in a society and forcing the stereotypical mentality over generation is something that society should get over with.

Misunderstanding No.2
Yes she wants the women to rule because they can.
She thinks of far better possibilities that would lead to betterment and more.
Also,please pay heed to the fact that she is advocating for equality.
Stop being insecure.

Misunderstanding No.3
She is fighting for equality and treating any gender less than her own is not something which she desires.
She wants a fair round of all things and only the one capable should achieve whatever he/she or she/he wants.


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