To my stars, you owe me a soulmate! Remember?

Everybody’s story is different, being on different paths and living in a different manner too.

So if I may just ask if it is appropriate to?

Why does the majority believes in soulmates?

It just occurred to me recently while I was binge watching a favorite TV series.

Well amidst of the binge watching I had this question.

Is it even odd or prime number?

What I meant by this should be followed by an explanation like this –

So it is clear to us that not everyone gets to have an ending as gleeful as shown in the clingy romantic movies.Yes, about love life things are complicated.

So basically on an average and speaking for the entire population at once, what rule should be applied odd even? Or prime numbers?

Ask your stars maybe they would confirm whether or not you are the lucky one!



19 thoughts on “To my stars, you owe me a soulmate! Remember?

  1. The only rule which applies is no rule. If you believe your life partner is your soulmate, then my friend, no rules apply. “Take risk,” feel life, and the one destined with you will eventually find out his way in your life.

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  2. Fibonacci sounds better πŸ˜‰
    Years ago, population was very less so one could say soul mate (life partner). But now, with increasing population, I believe each person has more than one soul mate. Some we meet in this life, and some, may be in future lives.

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      1. 😊 true isn’t it, Ritika. I don’t see any point in feeling dejected just because that one person we loved left us. And there is a wrong notion that soul mates means only life partner. That is why I included it in brackets in my previous comment. In general, a soul mate can be anyone – a friend, sibling, parents or relatives, and of course, a life partner 😊😊

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