Unskilled artist

The lifepattern of a person is not predestined.

This clears the fact that our decisions leads us to where we are now.

Things are pretty complex about them, expectations.

But why?

Why is it advisable to not expect too much?

Why is it considered as a bad habit to not accept the reality?

Reality, my readers is that loyal and truthful friend of yours, who speaks the truth no matter how harsh it is.

The harsh reality sparkles on that friends face.

Nobody seems to accept this friend in the beginning but through time things go as fine fabric, amicable and acceptable.

We all are unskilled artists, people who aren’t aware of a skill as painting and sketching your own life.

The final picture that you paint or sketch never matches with the one you had in your mind.

That’s when we realise that we are doing something we aren’t trained for.

This picture of your life is permanent.

For here you can’t undo or make changes.


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