Life: About the vicissitudes, modifications and transformations.

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Change undoubtedly is inevitable.
Allow me to declare the only thing that should remain permanent,faith.
Faith in your self efficacy.

What makes you a experienced person?
When you learn. Not only from your adventures but from others as well.
Wise,you would be known for.
If you, gentlemen and beautiful women apply that.

Now what happens after the storm,i must assume everybody is absolutely aware of it?
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Things gets ruined but still everything gets calmed.
Their is peace now, nothing seems to move.
It takes time to recover but eventually everything gets better with time.

After this long, when everything is going so smooth and you get to achieve all those things you were worried for.
Everything now is going like fine fabric, amicable and acceptable much!

What is that missing piece of puzzle you head everytime to find out?
When everything here, my friend, is complete.

What is that missing piece, something i’m not aware of?
Something my unconscious is trying to convey? maybe.

Addition to it is a constant worry for things to not get all messed up.
With a little denial and a possession of least level of acceptance about things, i assume it to be normal, such anxiousness.


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