Their is no true happiness now, but pretensions.

An open letter to this beautiful lady i call my best friend,
Allow me to declare our 3 whole years of friendship.

People may make your day, this beautiful woman made my years, 3 whole years.
What i realized from this would be the fact that i and you especially is capable of maintaining it for lifelong.

I just came in college and today i might have a 50 and above friends in college but i swear their’s no one like you.

As i said their is no true happiness now, but pretensions.
Yes, uncovering the truth lately, i now know that the fact that things were easier back then with you and my other friends was solely because you all chose to stay, my idiots.

Meanwhile, in college people just pretend to be there for you.
Pretentious game is where you progress actually, in college.
To understand this game one must really be vigilant.

Everyone does make memories in college but mostly under the pretentious game because it never really gets over. Very few people are actually trustworthy.

‘Be a bitch’ is how you actually tackle out your issues.

I will always miss you all because i’m running out of reasons why i shouldn’t.

Keeping my cribbing apart, exposure makes you more experienced and with a great experience comes awareness and opportunities for betterment and more.

So, that i’ll keep as a positive point.

It came to my knowledge so far that i am actually a different person kinda half way through both the dimensions of introversion and extroversion.

Well, quite new to the pretentious game but not naive.
I know how to crack this.

A very happy friendship day,i will miss our school days.


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