What’s with the confusion?

Charisma is compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others. Attractiveness is the quality of being pleasing or appealing to the senses.

If it is appropriate to say, i must say, charisma, attractiveness, and alluring features are not something that pleases my mind aesthetically.

Also, pardon me gentlemen but i choose to differ in every sense.

You, a chivalrous, courteous, and such a honourable man failed to understand my notions of life.

The story of many lives as sometimes doing nothing is the most hardest thing to do.
The very fact of life is that charisma, attractiveness will work for a shorter span of time.

Their are more important things such as care, which sh should be seen not heard off. After all actions speaks louder than words.
Or friendship that doesn’t fade away even after you get into the relationship.

The problem with this generation is that people are confused like hell.
There are more sad eyes than happy faces.
Everybody needs help to sort out their love lives.

Do not rush, be worthy to be found.
Never stop the search.
The search for that one forever.


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