Take a break. Assume life as an adventure.

To do something different, out of the box.
Make a list of those things you are afraid to do, then try to overcome them by experiencing them.
Fall for your own life, and those small things that matter.

Experience the excitement of unknown.
After, that’s all what matters in the end.

In the last chapter of your life, work, routinely things or not monotony will be remembered but the things you did that you never imagined you would be able to do.

Living life according to your own terms doesn’t means that you are selfish.
It means you value your life, is thankful and assuming it as a gift of god, makes the best use of it.

Never, in life one should be debarred under the room of boundations.
Fly, swim, travel, read, write, explore, do whatever makes your life a better place for you to live.

Record everything and become an inspiration for others.
An inspiration for those who do not have a reason to live today, thereby giving them a reason.

Surround yourself with as much positivism as much possible.


23 thoughts on “Take a break. Assume life as an adventure.

  1. Last advice , kind of sparked some synapses in my brain. That we should keep company with beautiful minds that are following the straight path not with anyone be it a boy or a girl whose is not righteous ie not following the straight path.

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    1. I’m glad to know that. Sir, if it is appropriate to say i must that i agree completely about your opinion that one must keep company with beautiful minds and genuinely with those who are following the straight path. Thankyou so much for reading this post. πŸ™‚


          1. Aquib. Pronounce as Aa (produce this aa sound from throat and last phonic ‘Qib ‘ the Q should should sound from the epiglottis, u is silent here. Meaning of Aquib, Aquib is an Arabic word which literally means the ultimate, the last and the final, it was an attribute given to the last and final Prophet Muhammad (Peace be on him), so actually my name reflects the name of The last and final Prophet of Allah ie God (Allah is the Arabic word for the God, the Almighty and The One and only)

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