Focus on a beautiful piece of art. What it depicts, makes your imagination an enthusiast.

For art is vintage. It is wiskey in a teacup. Something that catches your attention, always do.

That piece of art consists efforts and creativity beyond the limited sphere of imagination.

So, what makes art so eye catchy?
Uniqueness, imperfections, complexities, absurdity, and forget not the beauty which does not escape our notice.

The central thing, that is to be kept in focus is imperfections. Just like art, people are imperfect too but that makes them unique. Makes them stand out of the crowd so huge people admire them.

Every person’s upbringing is different. Every person leads a different life pattern, has different beliefs; perspectives; perceptions.
Then why is it difficult for the society to accept the fact that everybody is unique in their own sense and has different perceptions.
Why this society wants to shape us in similar beings?

Why society does enforces a proper structure of roles, behaviour, beliefs, and ideas on us to follow?
Are we really independent in such cases?

Variability is a fact of nature and humans are no exception to it.
Then why do we have a single structure to follow and are deemed by the society if part ways towards the road not taken?
One must appreciate everybody’s lifestyle.
For art and people correlate and should not be bounded under the roof of restrictions.
Observe the beauty and absurdity.
Try your best to appreciate it.


16 thoughts on “Imperfecto

  1. Every piece of art brings with it a story. So is the case with humans. If you were to take my opinion, Perfection does not exist. You may do whatever you want to achieve anything substantial but what seems perfect for one individual is not for someone else. Hence it is important to respect the differences amongst each individual. Live and let other live. No individual is bound by the society, every has a right to follow their passion. Do not Let others perspective affect your decisions.

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  2. I agree with, that society should follow the prerogative ‘live and let live’, I can fathom that. On the other hand I feel one should strive towards perfection, in simple terms things become smooth, if we kept our struggle on, you can put in any way, we are imperfect striving towards perfection, since the increase in entropy is spontaneous process but being ordered requires a lot of force and difficult to maintain in any system if not controlled disorder-ness increases rapidly, therefore it’s better to strive towards perfection.


    1. yes, the prerogative of ‘live and let others live’ is one such thing that the society as a whole should apply. Plus, i agree with your opinion that one should strive towards perfection. Just so the fact that should be kept in mind that imperfections and flaws in a person cannot be corrected entirely.

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      1. That is the obvious realistic situation, Complete Absoluteness cannot be attained, but what flaws are you talking about an smoking cigarettes or something like utter ignorance or stubbornness. Or flaws like i cannot lift more that 10kg of weight, like this one, kind of. Differentiate it. You know.

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