Between black and white

Both the colors, white and black depicts the ups and downs, the bad and the good side, the hell and the heaven.
The question is, why do we construct such notions about certain colors?
If their exists heaven, what could be the possible reason that people assume it to be completely white?
what if its all vice versa?

Talking about black, i must declare that if there are hundred reasons to accept it as a bad omen, then there are hundred or more reasons to accept it, wear it, or own it.
Black may signify darkness, but my readers if it is appropriate to actually explain how real and rare darkness is, i must.

when i look up in the sky, pure darkness never comes into my sight but only when i close my eyes it does. Darkness is more based on reality, it leaves no expectations which generally leads to disappointment. Enjoy the silence in that darkness and try to see the demons inside your head rather than in the real world.

On the other hand, white color, seen as something very auspicious cannot even handle a single scar, such impatience.
Not that white is something i hate, but the color seems to be alot more constructed by the society to be seen as ‘the good’.

Between black and white you exist, your assumptions, your thinking.
So do make it subject to open interpretation or criticism.


16 thoughts on “Between black and white

  1. Not sure, but maybe black is associated with all those bad omens because it is easier to commit a crime in the darkness. Maybe… Personally, black is the most sorted colour in the world, it goes with everything ๐Ÿ˜‰ #contradictory_woman_in_BLACK

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    1. Not that the crimes are not committed during daytime. The daytime that starts with a beautiful sunshine, making it sugar, spice and everything nice. But yes i will choose to support your opinion here. Black is all storted, it is clarity nothing opaque.


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