Reality differs. A lot.

Sitting in a movie theater and watching a romantic movie, i ponder over the fact: Does that even happen in real life?
Though i possess a mind full of rationality and would probably not even agree much with selflessness, loyalty, and made for each other thing but somewhere, even for a minute or a second,i would desperately want to believe in all that.

The generation, no doubt is driven by ego, lust and selfish desires. Plus point people are hardly afraid to admit that. Talking about this human tendency of ours, i must agree that to be open about your desires and not being judgmental about it is absolutely fine.
The problem occurs when people often confuse lust with love here. One must analyse what actually dominates? Does she/he wants it out of lust or is her/his needs to satisfy herself/himself dominates more?
Will everything become mundane after the excitement is over?

Well, how do i sum this up in words? Always as observed, one of the partner in a commitment is not happy with the relationship she/he maintains with the other half. Both being happy, is a very rare stuff my friend. Rare like ruby.

Somewhere, i will have to agree that all of this is justified. Imagine yourself doing all efforts for someone, supporting them in all of their vicissitudes, caring for them as if you want nothing but them in your life but then getting all your hopes and faith crushed and broken by none other than that exact person. How come it never occurred to you people that all of this could completely change their outlook on love, future relationships and peace within themselves?

Feelings and emotions might seem all abstract but if once are tampered might not find any resolution for its betterment. When all the innocence is thrown in that dark room where you are introduced with such demons(reality) you got to live your entire life with, is when the self centeredness enters.
The selfishness here helps you take revenge on the earlier times, you feel better every-time you shatter or break someone from inside.
Lacking consideration for others and concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit is known as being selfish. This could be intentional, by hiding beneath a mask, which is a beauty and perfection it could easily be mistaken as an art.
Being selfish is a human tendency, i agree and i always count myself in. Not that, it had not ever dominated in earlier times the current generation again, is fearless to accept it that it has become so common for people to act selfish in every little thing and be okay with it.

Again, i would like to admit that sometimes, some people fail to act in a selfish way. Happens only when you are truly attached to someone, you are ready to sacrifice anything for them. Such is a case that does not happen very often.
18 years on earth, and my heart desperately desires to experience a commitment that genuinely works not on conditions but on sacrifices, selflessness, attachment so strong it becomes unbreakable.
Well, people ask me why am i into reading novels, fantasy and fiction?
Allow me to break this to you, that even for a minute the made for each other tale seems so satisfying to read, i would spare all my time for it. The main reason people read fiction.
Reality always choose to differ, in ways that will bring you nothing but disappointment.
Fantasy, fiction, drama, fairy tales are to be blamed.
The idea of giving a false hope to people in such a cruel world, does not help.
Just that every heart, for once yearns to be a part of that fictional story.


51 thoughts on “Reality differs. A lot.

      1. Yeah, truly … will see more of you here ritika PS – I love fiction a lot … and if you are interested in twisted fiction & reality combo – read haruki murakami 🙂


    1. Sir, you got an eye for detail😊
      Yes i removed that blog because this ain’t a generation that value the heaviness of words.
      For the person it was written didn’t valued it either and I was left to wonder whether my words were ever worth expressing to him?
      Happy blogging 😊


  1. Hey! I might still fall under the category of not understanding love and lust yet ,but I can surely say I do have a love for Ur blog😸
    It would be an humble honour for you to have my blog checked out as well☺

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  2. There are people who derive satisfaction from just doing their work, not expecting in return be it their duty or relationship.
    So, yeah they are working for something but the thing is they are working for their inner satisfaction not for reciprocation which is nothing but feeding their sense of lack. These people are full of themselves so they don’t need reciprocation.
    So i think this is the only difference between the person who can give unconditional love and the person who can give love but want reciprocation.

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  3. Selfishness is disguised fear. The best arcs of my life have happened when, by dint of grace, I simply exhibited the courage to give heedless of expectation, as in a game. Not a competitive game with score-keeping. A young child’s game of pure imagination. We become lighter when we lose the focus on ‘self’. Then magic can happen. We can do. Do more. Do in unexpected ways. Outgrow our “self”, and in so doing, know that our self is what is still becoming, not the corpse thing of our past deeds and results and thuoghts which we mistakenly supposed we were busily protecting with our selfishness. To not yet know true self is to live. To protect imaginary self is to kill soul capacity.

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  4. It is true to say that life is not like the romantic movies or the fantasy novels. However it is possible to have a loving relationship and romance. The hard part is to keep working at it year after year , through the ups and the downs, and on into middle age and beyond. But if you can succeed the rewards are far greater than any romance novel or movie.

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  5. I think you are right, women at least would like to be part of that fictional, romantic story. When I look at all the husbands in my family, I see that they love us women, but do not want to talk with us much or do things with us. After work, they want to watch their TV shows or play their video games until they go to bed. Weekends might be okay or even fun if couples have the same interests, such as camping, hiking, bowling, golfing, etc. And they do notice you when they want sex. I’m sure there are marriages that are very companionable and compatible. Just not in my family. Lol

    My father once said to my mother, “You want a marriage like those in your romance books you read. That isn’t reality” My mom said, “But don’t you see? It could be! We could make it a reality.” But it was against his nature. That isn’t who he was, and he didn’t care if that was what my mom wanted. Most men just don’t get it and it irritates them for you to ask them for it.

    My first husband was actually romantic, but he was also unfaithful. I prefer my present husband. He doesn’t have a romantic bone in his body. He doesn’t want to do anything or go anywhere, but he is faithful to me, works hard and adores our children and will do anything for them. Every month he sends money (a lot) to my sister, who is sick and poor, he believes in God and helps me have faith when I am depressed. So, sometimes I feel lonely in my marriage, but his good points outweigh the bad.

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    1. I see
      but here it doesn’t actually turns out be under the selfish tendancy which is why I would say that you are lucky because faithfullness is really important and would really help you in long term💕 stay blessed😇
      happy blogging💞
      Thanks for reading the post and sharing such a fabulous opinion of yours.

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  6. I must say that you have an amazing way to look at things… I think being selfish these days is like a contagious thing… If we see someone be so then we assume the rest are the same… And then eventually we become one to prevent self harm. People need to understand that true happiness is to give without expecting any returns… Happy blogging 😛

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  7. So much that is shallow in the life we live. I believe we can be sekfless but we must be wise with it. I agree there is more lust than love and does anyone get the difference does anyone care.

    Great piece, I enjoyed reading it. Food for thought.

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                1. yes.
                  See its a game of observation.
                  The more you observe and interpret, the more you’ll discover.
                  The universal and generalized reality is that the world self contented.
                  Another i would say, not everybody cares to explain their selfish behaviour.
                  Studying sociology as a major, one thing is absolutely clear that any behaviour which is universal is not an individual act but influenced by social context.
                  Now, i do not say that selfishness is justified but yes the more people start accepting self contentedness in the society, the more it will become justified.

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                  1. You know, You do have a point and I like your observation. I do agree with you. We can learn so much just by observing others and their behaviors. Some people say that we are animals of behaviors, onces we do something for a while it just become an automatic process for us. WHat do you think about that?

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                    1. The animal behavior in most cases are shadowed by the code of conduct prevalent in the society.
                      I, agree with this fact that once we do something it becomes an automatic process for us.
                      This happens under the social influence and acceptance.
                      Unless,we are not violating any rules of socially acceptable behavior, it becomes obvious for us and others.
                      It becomes an automatic process for us because somewhere the people do not question what is commonly followed by everyone.

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