The past is a hauntingly satisfying place. It never really fades away even if we try to erase it.

They say whatever happens, life goes on but the truth is even if you try to let go of things they tend to haunt us.
Keeping everything apart, with time we become used to everything like the heartbreaks, disappointments, sadness.
The more i try to solve inner conflicts, the more i fall for complexities.
The problem with complexities is that not everybody understands art. Not everybody tries to find meaning out of life. Not everybody faces existential crisis. After all that’s a good thing in my opinion because it keeps a person at peace while i am here always at war in my mind trying to find out purpose out of my own tragedies.

People come and go that’s the rule of life and nobody can change it.
while i was always aware of this fact, it still breaks me but that’s okay.
Change as i said is inevitable, but accepting it takes time.


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