Love Bound

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A Cuppa Know-How!

On a sweet twinkling night,
I went to meet my knight.

His armour shone highly in light,
Under the shadow of the moon bright,

When I slide myself nearer to him,
I stepped upon the stone in light dim.

My love, he said and held me in a tighter grip,
And soon I began to fall deeper into the love dip.

His eyes were filled with endless charm,
I could see that I was safe from harm.

When he saw me straight in the eyes,
I could see the love that was devoid of all lies.

Seeing the truth so close,
My heartbeat unstoppably rose.

The beats of my heart, he listened then,
And asked me to sit on an empty den.

I sat on the stone which was glowing,
Far far away I saw a boatman rowing.

We sat together hand in hand,
And the night became dark and…

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