Past – through the lens of an artist, an artwork of chaos.

To look back at you, and smile is all i can do.
To be honest, dear artwork, their is not even a single part of me yearning to live you once again!

Life seems to me as a canvas and we are the ones who paint, according to our own will.
In the end everyone’s canvas is different, but a piece of fine artwork.
Which can be extensively studied, understood according to one’s own perceptions.

This canvas can be a painting of 2 people drawn in such a way that they look like 2 pieces of a puzzle, thereby completing each other.

Or a face which looks cracked, like a glass sheet, contemplating the scars which the society gave and the struggles the face went through.

Or an all black canvas, making a single figure visible through white paint, depicting that in the end its just your own self is what matters.

About past life, things were never in our favor.
Certainly, it turns out to be things that pinches us.

But if you actually see through the lens of an artist, it is more likely a work of art, chaotic but art, thereby is a mixture of beauty, scars, reality, efforts, struggles.

Paint your canvas in such a way that in the end it turns out to be a masterpiece, people take inspiration from.


What’s with the confusion?

Charisma is compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others. Attractiveness is the quality of being pleasing or appealing to the senses.

If it is appropriate to say, i must say, charisma, attractiveness, and alluring features are not something that pleases my mind aesthetically.

Also, pardon me gentlemen but i choose to differ in every sense.

You, a chivalrous, courteous, and such a honourable man failed to understand my notions of life.

The story of many lives as sometimes doing nothing is the most hardest thing to do.
The very fact of life is that charisma, attractiveness will work for a shorter span of time.

Their are more important things such as care, which sh should be seen not heard off. After all actions speaks louder than words.
Or friendship that doesn’t fade away even after you get into the relationship.

The problem with this generation is that people are confused like hell.
There are more sad eyes than happy faces.
Everybody needs help to sort out their love lives.

Do not rush, be worthy to be found.
Never stop the search.
The search for that one forever.

A song of ice and fire.

Allow me to declare how mysteriously alluring and fascinating the story is. Certainly, there i’m compelled to assume, are 2 kinds of people who exist.
– People who watch Game of thrones
– people who don’t.

It isn’t what we hear or generalization that should aid our belief, but what we see and experience.

A song of ice and fire is not a very beaming, joyous, or gleeful kind of a story.
It thrashes upon the fact that every story is not about a protagonist,
Where everything revolves around her/him and then finishes with a happy ending.

‘Survival of the fittest’,is what you’ll get to see here.
Which relishes the very fact about the world we live in.

The story is mostly epic based you’ll see dragons flying, black magic, the dead people killing the living.

But mostly it conveys that reality is not heroic and not every time when people relies with a single person, will be successful.

Things work in your favor for a very shorter span of time and when it stops you are half dead.

Even the most powerful people weep, when their time comes.
Even the most powerful people loose, when things stop working in their favor.

It throws light upon the certainty that one should not jump to a solution and implement, one must plan and then implement.
It will anyway fail, because success is rare and a one time thing.

Most importantly it shows how politics work.
The society is doomed due the fact that power is in the hands of the cruel and minority which rules and ill-fate the common people.

Knowledge is not considered power here.
People are blinded by power and would raise a war anytime anywhere for that.
They would be happy to kill their people, their family and the least, themselves in the name of war.

What they actually miss while fighting amongst themselves is the real war which is not between humans but between the dead and the living.

overall, the entire series justifies the title everytime.
It genuinely is a song of ice and fire.

Add it your *must watch list*.

For i took the road not taken – what makes me different from others?

To be out of the crowd or to be one of the crowd? is the question.

Eysenck’s theory of personality basically focused on two dimensions of higher-order traits, extroversion vs. introversion and emotional stability vs. neurotic ism, or emotional instability respectively. Extroverts are commonly known as being loud and outgoing while introverts are often thought of as quiet and reserved.

Then there my people, are times, when a person posses both traits of extroversion and introversion.
These people are known to be ambivalent.

These people are a lot different from the 2 types i already mentioned.

They are the people who would love to be a party freak on a saturday and might love to just stay at home and read a book on another.

They are a lot more outgoing sometimes in a social situation and the other times would grab a corner to mind their own buisness and might get inside their phone.

Such personality trait is rare.

so, basically how difficult it is to understand such a complex personality trait who cannot decide within their life whether to be or not to be?


Their is no true happiness now, but pretensions.

An open letter to this beautiful lady i call my best friend,
Allow me to declare our 3 whole years of friendship.

People may make your day, this beautiful woman made my years, 3 whole years.
What i realized from this would be the fact that i and you especially is capable of maintaining it for lifelong.

I just came in college and today i might have a 50 and above friends in college but i swear their’s no one like you.

As i said their is no true happiness now, but pretensions.
Yes, uncovering the truth lately, i now know that the fact that things were easier back then with you and my other friends was solely because you all chose to stay, my idiots.

Meanwhile, in college people just pretend to be there for you.
Pretentious game is where you progress actually, in college.
To understand this game one must really be vigilant.

Everyone does make memories in college but mostly under the pretentious game because it never really gets over. Very few people are actually trustworthy.

‘Be a bitch’ is how you actually tackle out your issues.

I will always miss you all because i’m running out of reasons why i shouldn’t.

Keeping my cribbing apart, exposure makes you more experienced and with a great experience comes awareness and opportunities for betterment and more.

So, that i’ll keep as a positive point.

It came to my knowledge so far that i am actually a different person kinda half way through both the dimensions of introversion and extroversion.

Well, quite new to the pretentious game but not naive.
I know how to crack this.

A very happy friendship day,i will miss our school days.

Life: About the vicissitudes, modifications and transformations.

images (1)
Change undoubtedly is inevitable.
Allow me to declare the only thing that should remain permanent,faith.
Faith in your self efficacy.

What makes you a experienced person?
When you learn. Not only from your adventures but from others as well.
Wise,you would be known for.
If you, gentlemen and beautiful women apply that.

Now what happens after the storm,i must assume everybody is absolutely aware of it?
images (2)
Things gets ruined but still everything gets calmed.
Their is peace now, nothing seems to move.
It takes time to recover but eventually everything gets better with time.

After this long, when everything is going so smooth and you get to achieve all those things you were worried for.
Everything now is going like fine fabric, amicable and acceptable much!

What is that missing piece of puzzle you head everytime to find out?
When everything here, my friend, is complete.

What is that missing piece, something i’m not aware of?
Something my unconscious is trying to convey? maybe.

Addition to it is a constant worry for things to not get all messed up.
With a little denial and a possession of least level of acceptance about things, i assume it to be normal, such anxiousness.

Were you imaginary? Why would I ask? Obviously­čśĺ

Kinda puzzled about that.
Besides if you ever wonder who in the world would never give up on you, remember that you just need a person to appreciate the rare qualities you possess.

You are that person I would love to sit on the rooftop and count the stars and talk about what not.

You gentlemen, you are perfect, imperfectly perfect.
Your flaws are to be admired not criticised.
Everything about you is true, so real, that you are.

Yes, true it was all in my fantasy, and my readers I dare not ask him, “where are you now?”
Seems like things fade away even before I live in the moment.